A Beautiful Bath Without Breaking the Bank

Looking to update your bathroom and still have some money left in your wallet? Try re-glazing your tile or tub (or both!) to save some cash. This can be done with any type of tub: clawfoot, drop-in, alcove, freestanding, etc. Hire a professional to do the job, or flex those DIY muscles and do the job yourself. You'll be shocked (and thrilled!) at just how re-glazing these surfaces can make them look brand new. [Image Credit: Domino]


Finishing Touches

When taking on a large renovation or small DIY project, picking paint colors tends to be the most difficult part. But what about the paint finish? This is a small detail that is quite important and often overlooked. But don't fret...we're here to give you a quick rundown to help you select the right finish for your job! 

Satin: Pick this finish for rooms that get alot of use. Think kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. It's easy to clean and holds up in damp conditions.
Semigloss: This finish has a small sheen to it and is used mostly on trim and woodwork. 
Flat: Use this finish for low-traffic areas and ceilings (it's quite hard to clean).
Eggshell: Easily the most popular finish; it's easy to clean and will take wear quite well. Use this in spaces you utilize most often.
High Gloss: Looking to make a statement? Choose this finish! It's high sheen will create drama and add a glam touch to your space.

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Digging for the Diamond - TANYA HEMBREE DESIGN

Digging for a diamond in the rough can sometimes take some time. In one of my recent projects I had a beautiful home as my palette, it just was about 15-20 years behind in style. So although we had a gorgeous ocean view and good bones we were just missing the beauty the owners were longing for. In an effort to keep the hassle down, we decided to start with the hub of the home, the kitchen! Where better to start, right? As we began to assess what look we were after, we first determined that we could salvage some of the cabinet layout. Although they weren't new they were still in great condition.



To help open up the space we decided to tear out the wall that divided the kitchen from the living room. After the tear down, we were able to create one open and inviting space. In the demo we also reduced the high bar counter to allow the ocean view to be more visible. Next on the agenda was specifiying the new cabinet finish. I wanted to keep this kitchen fresh, slightly modern, and definitely updated for the style the homeowners were wanting. I chose a creamy base with a light pewter glazing to give it that coastal cottage look. Then it was on to countertops. To bring in a counter that would look like concrete but not be as porous or as long of a lead time (9 weeks for that area!). Instead, I selected a beautiful new quartz countertops in a gray tone to give it that concrete look the owner originally was hoping for. 



For the backsplash we went with a mist colored elongated glass subway tile to keep the style fresh, slightly modern, and sleek. Adding custom knotty oak stained floating shelves allowed us to display the owners dishes and toned the more modern look back for an overall more rustic beach cottage feel. We are now 90% done with this project and I soon will reveal more pics, but it's turning out so great. As it unfolds I'll be sure to keep you up to date with pictures showing our progress. As you can see there is beauty behind every project, you just have to dig for it a little deeper sometimes. For more design tips and style follow us on social (links below).

 this is a glimpse at the kitchen 90% Done. We have a few more knobs to put on and the range hood and lighting to install. 

this is a glimpse at the kitchen 90% Done. We have a few more knobs to put on and the range hood and lighting to install. 

Paint It With Your Best Shot — TANYA HEMBREE DESIGN

Pink, purple, white, blue, yellow, red and bright greens are all of the colors I see emerging from the barren branches. Just a few weeks ago the days were colorless outside, cloudy, and a bit dismal. Today reached a near 83 degrees and flowers are clustering around like a party is about to begin. Color. It's all around us. Spring has announced its arrival with pops of color. As you can tell, March posts have really focused on the power of color. Color can sway a space and a mood with very little effort. So when it comes to selecting colors for your home or space, be sure to consider the mood or style you're after. Picking paint is the best place to start when trying to revitalize a new mood. Paint, as you know now comes in various lines and options and can be the cheapest way to make BIG change. So how do you chose the right color for your space? What things should you consider when selecting a paint? Well, let me tell you what I know when it comes to paint.

tanya_hembree_design paint
  1. Paint defines a space's mood.
  2. It comes in every color known to man, and then some.
  3. Brings the biggest bang for your buck with less than $100 for most rooms
  4. It comes in a variety of sheens for all locations

Okay, you might be saying I already knew all of this. How do I chose the right color? Here are some colors that might help you determine the style and mood to choose:

  • Soothing and relaxing- gray, white, taupe, blush, cream
  • Modern and upbeat - white, yellow, orange, black, chartreuse, gray
  • Shabby Chic and fresh - blush, cream, white
  • Classic and cool - navy blue, white, taupe
  • Vintage and vibey - green, orange, pink, black, white
  • Urban and Industrial - gray, blue, black, orange, chartreuse

As you can see colors paint a picture. So what mood or style are you after? Which of these best describes your space? Of course, my brief list is not all encompassing, but it's a great way to get started. As a starting point, chose a piece that you love within your space. It could be a piece of furniture, a rug, or even a piece of art. Determine the style and mood you're after and select the paint based on the piece you love and your style. Add some additional design flare with other elements of color like pillows, fabrics, artwork, and more. Don't be afraid of painting with color or changing it up a bit. Remember, paint is cheap and you can always paint right over it if you hate it.

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OH..."it's so green!" These are words I've never heard before.  When was the last time you used green in your home or space? My idea of greens is incorporating fresh flowers or plants. I don't always jump at the chance to use green, but I'm always looking for new ideas and ways to incorporate fresh designs. With St. Patrick's day here I can't help but explore some great greens. I know the typical green discussion is resourceful, clean, and responsible, but I'm talking about pure funky fun green. Raw green as we know it. So let's look at some green design ideas that will turn some heads.

I love these velvet green chairs...they're mid-century modern, elegant, and cool. They'd be great at a dining table or in a master suite with a pop of pink or a dash of black and white. So vibey!



Or how about a sleek bar stool?  It couldn't get any swankier than this. This bar stool has a classic look with long elegant legs. It's so stylish, simple, and clean and I love it! This bar stool would be awesome at an espresso wood counter with a blingy light fixture sparkling all over this green goddess. It screams classy, elegant, and plain sexy.



Using these types of bold elements of green is what I call "goin' green." Green can be accompanied with gold, dark espressos, whites, navy, and more. It's classic and it can be funky all at the same time. I'd love to hear or see how you've used green in your design. I'm hoping for a splash of green in one of my upcoming projects. Leave a comment or a link below. 

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I have to admit, I'm bland. Personally, I love neutrals, grays, whites, creams, taupes and all things calming. It might be because I'm a wife, mom of three teens and a business owner. You think?! Seriously, I like calm colors for my own personal style. But when it comes to my interior design projects, I jump at the chance to integrate colors when a client wants them! I'm not afraid to make a bold statement in a space through color, 'cause let's face it color makes you happy. One of the best ways to pull off color in a space is through paint. In addition to paint, I like to pull in pops of color through art, rugs, pillows, and accessories. It's not hard really, it's simply pulling the right color combinations and styles. Here are a few quick pops of color (pillows), I found just running my errands at a local Target.

Color can be bold or simple, and comes in every style imaginable. I enjoy bringing it into a design in the simple accents like pillows, art, and accessories because I like to have the ability to change things out if the color loses my interest, rather than investing in a bold statement piece like a sofa or table. Don't get me wrong, I do go for the bold pieces for those modern and eclectic clients who want them, but that is more of a rarity than the norm.

There are so many fun color combinations trending these days as well. I of course love Navy with a pop of chartreuse or gray with a pop of purple or orange. There's endless opportunities when it comes to color. Color doesn't bite, so don't be afraid to pop it in your space. When you use color in a stylish-sophisticated and well-designed way, it really give you a finished space that looks designer. For more design tips or idea follow us via blog or social @tanyahembreedesign.com.




Seriously, you can find pops of color anywhere. 

Getting Project Ready...5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Designing a new space can often be an overwhelming experience for my clients. One of the things I enjoy most is partnering with clients to express their style, likes, and hopes and delivering that in a realistic way. So often clients are unsure of what specifically their style is and even more they and their spouse aren't always on the same page. My job calls for elements of playing counselor, coach, and cheerleader in addition to designer as we lock arms to blend ideas, concepts, and hopes. I often ask them this key questions. What do you love? Sometimes they'll have idea boards or pinterest boards they want to share. Sometimes they know what stores or magazines they've liked to look at, or what their favorite colors are. I use lots of questioning, digging, and observation to determine what exactly will make each individual client happy. So as you think about your next space, consider these key questions to get the outcome you hope for:

A recent client kitchen remodel

  1. What's my budget?
  2. Should I pull in an expert
  3. What style am I after?
  4. What colors do I love?
  5. Do you have an inspiration picture?

Answering some of these key questions will help your designer navigate your project plan to give you the best result. Be honest and real when discussing what your hopes and dreams are for your new space and you'll be sure to get the outcome you're hoping for. Want expert help with your remodel or project? Find out more https://tanyahembreedesign.com/services/.

Get Guest Ready this Christmas - TANYA HEMBREE DESIGN

Christmas is just days away. Where has December gone?! Okay, let's be real, this busy season has got many of us checking our lists and adding even more items to do. It feels like sometimes we can't keep up with the demands of the season. For those of you hosting family and friends this Christmas season, consider these simple must-dos to add a nice decorative touch to your home to prepare for your guests and to make your home feel refreshed and seasonal:

  1. Buy a new hand towel for your guest bathroom.
  2. Pickup your favorite scented holiday candle.
  3. Go green-to-table. Pull in fresh greenery from your yard for your table arrangements 
  4. Clear the clutter.
  5. Add a touch of music.
tanya hembree design_guests

You might say these are small things, will these really matter? You'd be surprised the impact the small details and the "experience" of these items make in creating an inviting space for your guests. Add these to your little list, and you'll be sure to impress the friends and family you'll be hosting. Design is in the details. 


For those of you just visiting our site, welcome! Everyday we experience so much at Tanya Hembree Design and some days are just plain crazy! Recently we've been moving into a new space that has kept us on our toes. We have been maintaining clients, moving boxes, and even building out a conference room space for team and client meetings. This new space, yet to be furnished, has allowed us a chance to clean out and reset our workspace including our samples, vendors, and desks. Who doesn't like a fresh new setup?! The timing couldn't be more perfect as we wrap up one crazy ride 2016 brought this year. So here's a sneak peak of some of our new spaces underway...