Finishing Touches

When taking on a large renovation or small DIY project, picking paint colors tends to be the most difficult part. But what about the paint finish? This is a small detail that is quite important and often overlooked. But don't fret...we're here to give you a quick rundown to help you select the right finish for your job! 

Satin: Pick this finish for rooms that get alot of use. Think kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. It's easy to clean and holds up in damp conditions.
Semigloss: This finish has a small sheen to it and is used mostly on trim and woodwork. 
Flat: Use this finish for low-traffic areas and ceilings (it's quite hard to clean).
Eggshell: Easily the most popular finish; it's easy to clean and will take wear quite well. Use this in spaces you utilize most often.
High Gloss: Looking to make a statement? Choose this finish! It's high sheen will create drama and add a glam touch to your space.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]