Fashion Friday: Stars & Stripes!

We're working overtime this week to get you prepped and ready for a fabulous Fourth! No matter where you're spending the holiday or what actives you'll be partaking in, start here for a fun filled, stylish and relaxing weekend. Headed to the beach? Slip into this adorable swimsuit (a sure keeper for any body type!), grab these star-perforated fold-up flats and pack this festive blanket for your picnic. Bring along your perishables in this striped insulated tote, which has a zip closure (bye-bye sand!) and a shoulder strap for easy transport. Staying home? Relax in these star print sweatpants and catch some z's in these incredibly comfortable pajamas (our personal favorite!). Heading out for the evening to watch fireworks? This striped dress with pom-poms is both cute and comfortable and looks darling with these fun earrings (on sale now!). Whatever your plans are, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

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