Creative Juices Denied - Are Yours? - TANYA HEMBREE DESIGN


When was the last time you did something creative? Has it been a while? Are you living vicariously through others, perhaps on HGTV? We are all created with some level of creativity. Mind you some have more than others, but no one is lacking creativity. I recently heard of a successful leadership guru sharing a story about his wife. He mentioned how she never thought she had much in the way of talents and gifts, and often referred to her husband as multi-gifted. Although his gifting were broad, she had diminished what giftings she had. But in mere reality, she had suppressed the gifting she had. She would soon discover after an invitation from a friend to take painting class that her gift was about to be unleashed. Her creativity had been awakened, and she had began a new love for painting. The story ended with a sweet ending that a beautiful and gifted painter emerged. She now sells her art very successfully with little effort.

I share all of this, because I am a woman who walked a similar path. I looked upon my musical, handy, and creative husband as a multi-talented and gifted man wondering where my God-given gifts could be hiding. In years to come, I would explore, pursue, and discover that I had a few gifts of my own that I had not yet realized. Design is one I suspect I have, since I now make a full-time living doing it. So where are your creative juices? Have they dried up or been sponged away by life's craziness? Are you using those God-given talents or are they malnourished and surpressed from life's challenges. Be brave, unleash the seedling that awaits with a little water of exploration. You might be surprised what emerges as you step out and try new things, or embrace the things of old. Get those juices flowing. I did. I am. I design. You can be-creative too!