Love + Bedroom: 5 tips for your Master Suite — TANYA HEMBREE DESIGN

I love going to bed. I know it sounds crazy and quite contrary from my 10 year old self, but I simply love turning out the lights in the house to head to my sanctuary. These days going to my bedroom isn't the form of punishment my parents use to impose upon me. Now it might be my favorite space of my home. Although I love my family, my work, and my days, there's just something beautiful about closing up and settling in, slipping under warm delicious sheets knowing that the day is done. Being in a space that is warm, relaxing, and calm is how I like ending my day's efforts. I love great details and being encapsulated by things I love including my husband and dreamy high thread count cotton sheets. Your master bedroom should be a place you love too. A place where you can find safety, rest, calm, and a place you feel loved in. So is it? If not, then why? Get that love in your bedroom. That's your space, your sanctuary. Focus on making it a place you can feel rested, loved, and relaxed. Here are some of my favorite design details for designing a dreamy master suite:

  1. Use great linens (go for high thread count cotton) and don't skimp here. 
  2. I prefer duvet covers with down feather inserts. I love a fluffy, billowy bed.
  3. Incorporate calming colors (taupes, creams, beiges, grays, whites, mauves, subtle blues, etc.), colors that bring tranquility
  4. Lighting is key. Add great lamps and candles to bring the mood down.
  5. Slip in a soft rug for your feet to land in the morning.


Sometimes you can't do it all at once, but if not slowly integrate these touches and you'll be sure to create a space that is inviting to those who belong there. I want you to LOVE your room. No better way than to start giving it a few new touches. For more design tips, follow our blog and our social feeds @tanyahembreedesign.