Gulf coast property owners and investors are often requesting my design services, and I leap at the opportunity most of the time. I have specific communities I focus on and have really fallen in love with those areas. One of my favorite things about coastal properties are the fabric choices. Often, aqua marine, taupes, creams and whites are the color palette not entirely by default, but by client request. I however love incorporating linens throughout these types of properties. Linen is such a classic, sophisticated, yet simple fabric that I have always loved. Linen used to be a more exclusive fabric, indicative of high-end and classy. Today, linen has become more common place, although it still exemplifies a classic and timeless style, it is not outrageously expensive and can be incorporated in anything from coastal to modern when it comes to design. Although my favorite linens are the whites and naturals, I have used it in grays as well. Here are a few of my projects where I have taken advantage of linen to pull off my design.

In this particular property I was able to incorporate both a natural and a gray linen. These always look best after a great steam, but bring about a casual sophistication. Another way I love to see linens in design is on upholsteries. In this same property I was able to incorporate it on a chair, ottoman, and a custom shower curtain. 

I love linens and enjoy incorporating them when I can. Truly some of my very favorite choices are white linen slip covers. Often my properties are vacation homes or rentals and white linen is not conducive to the families. But I'm excited about incorporating it in one of my current projects. I especially love sofas draped in a white linen. Something about this looks so calming and restful.

Linen is one of my loves. I hope to continue to envelop my own space with more of it creating a space that is filled with linens, whites, and creams. Try linen next time you're wanting to upscale your space. It really will bring a classic look you can't go wrong with it. You might just fall in love with linen like I have. For more design tips and advice follow us here and on social @tanyahembreedesign.