Do you have house-envy or do you LOVE your space? In a day and age of social media and HGTV it's hard to find the balance of contentment and desire for improvement. We can always make ourselves and our spaces better, and I believe people should always surround themselves with people and spaces they love when possible. One of the best parts of my job is listening to what my clients are looking for in their space and helping them create that realistically within their budget. We all would love a magazine perfect space, and when those jobs come, I LOVE them. But, that's not always realistic for everyone. So how do you create a space you LOVE that is on your level?

First, get inspired. Certainly, I believe we can find inspiration by reaching for the stars, watching HGTV, and looking at magazines. I often get inspired by spaces that are just a bit beyond the norm or the budget. Inspiration is necessary in any area of life. It is what you do with the inspiration that matters. Use it to make small improvements. Don't feel like you have to jump in full-throttle and spend all your savings to make it happen. Start with just 2 things you love. If you love the color white and you love linen, then by all means incorporate both of those great features in your space. Figure out what it is you gravitate towards and find a  way to use it in your space. I personally love both white and linen, but I also love chenille, the color gray, worn woods, and delicious candles. So I've tried to incorporate all of these items  in my home. Listen to you. Take note of the things you really are drawn to. What is it that you LOVE? Once you figure out some key elements that speak to your soul, then start adding them to your space in a fashionable and designer way. You may not be able to completely re-do your space, but you can certainly begin to love your space more by adding those things that make your soul happy. For more design tips and ideas, follow this blog or on social.