What time is it? As January comes to a close, one of the things I've taken a fondness of is the beautiful majesty of time. Yes, time. Time, do you have enough of it? Are you needing more of it? These days in my crazy world of friends and family it seems as though it's an element I just can't get enough of. Where has this "timeless" commodity gone to? In a world of working and raising a family, time is just plain flying by in a blaze that I can hardly reach for it fast enough. It's like the toddler two steps ahead of you in a crowd. You hardly see it and then it's gone. Enough said. You know time matters, so we need to make the most of it. Well, in the world of design I've taken a likening to the beauty of clocks lately. At my recent visit to the wholesale market in Las Vegas, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful entourage of clocks that surrounded me. Clocks come in many styles, shapes, and sizes and can be used in any decor. Certainly, it's not always on everyone's radar. Could it be that we don't want it ticking by visually reminding us of our deficit? Or is it we simply can find the right style that suits our space? Well, after seeing a recent plethora of clocks, I can assure you there is one that fits your space. So not only do you need time, you need a clock to tell you how precious your time is. I know, I know...I'm not trying to be the big sister who reminds you of the obvious, however imagine if you had a well placed clock in certain areas of your space whether it be at work or at home. You might be more self-aware or reminded about how you are spending that God-given commodity. Well, it might work you know. If you had a visual (a great looking one of course) reminder of just how precious time is, you might use it more wisely. So my challenge...incorporate a clock in your latest space. Don't let it be a negative reminder, rather a subtle prompting of how to best use your time. Now I think time well spent will certainly cover this design investment, what do you think? For more tips on design and incorporating key elements, follow us on this blog and on our social. We want to stay connected with you!