What’s Your Pattern Style? — TANYA HEMBREE DESIGN

Designing just the right space can sometimes be a challenge. Merging the right colors, patterns, and styles together to create a beautiful environment is always such a great feat and joy at the same time. When I meet with clients to discuss their deep desires for a space, it can be a bit of a guessing game. Some know exactly what they want with their already selected Pinterest ideas. Others may love a specific rug they have or have magazine images from their favorite catalogs. Often times clients know they like a space, or a sofa, but it’s not always easy for them to pin down what specifically they like about an image or space. They just like it. Many times the color choices, styles, and patterns are what they’re drawn to. Patterns are those subtle voices that speak style to the viewer. Your choice of patterns can create a style with little effort. These days patterns come in every color and in every choice imaginable. Pulling in just the right patterns can create a unique space. Here are a few patterns with style association that might help you as you pick out your next pattern.

  1. Polka Dots - Whimsical, Modern
  2. Stripes - Modern, Classic, Traditional, Nautical
  3. Plaids & Houndstooth, Pin Stripes - Elegant, Rustic, Classic (very Ralph Lauren-esque)
  4. Ginghams & Florals - Shabby Chic, Cottage
  5. Geometrics & Animal  - Modern, Urban
  6. Ikat & Abstract  - Modern, Transitional
  7. Damask & Toile - European, Traditional, Classic

Although these are some of the common patterns and choices available, be aware that throwing a bright or bold color on any of these patterns can instantly throw them into a modern category making them a bit edgy. So by all means this is not a bible on pattern, simply a guideline for general selections. So now that you’re aware of pattern styles, take a longer glance at images you like and see what patterns speak to you. See if you can determine the style the design is after. If you find yourself always liking stripes in navy and taupe you might like a more classic or nautical look. Or, if you lean towards more abstract and artistic patterns then you're probably more of a modern style. Being drawn to all patterns might be an indicator you like a more transitional style, a blend and mix of styles and patterns. Now that you know your style and pattern preferences, choosing your next accessories or patterns for your home might be a bit easier.  

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