Pillow Love...Got it?

I brushed up against a shelf full of various patterns, shapes, designs, and textures of what made a whole wall of pillows on display. It was almost like a romantic novel when I walked into the room, I gazed infatuated by the colors and textures drawing my hand to its side. This rendezvous was at a recent wholesale market that I couldn't get enough of. I know this sounds like a pillow love affair, but really who doesn't love a beautiful pillow? After busy full days as a business owner, working mom, wife, and friend there are just some days I can't wait to dive into a sea of pillows that envelop my bed each day. There's something lovely about soft and comfortable pillows that I just can't entirely explain. Call it what you may, crazy, weird, strange...I call it pillow love. When I'm enjoying myself the most I am near a pillow. Whether I'm on my couch enjoying great conversation with my family or friends, or if I'm resting in bed reconnecting with my husband after a busy day and just catching up on the day, or when I'm simply resting, pillows play a big part of my everyday life. So as you can see pillows capture me. I love them and can't get enough of them. The beauty of great pillows is that they come nearly in any shape or color and can be changed out continuously because most of them are affordable. Pillows almost make any room fresh and inviting when selected well. My pillow love keeps growing. I recently discovered a line of pillows that I hope to have available for my customers and will soon be integrating into my designs. If you're needing a quick fix for your design or just some added touches pillows are the thing! If you want to spice up that old sofa, or freshen up that boring duvet cover on your bed by adding just a few pillows you can make a huge impact for very little investment. Here's a new sofa I purchased for my office with a few fun pillows. Here's a peak at my office pillow love...


Pillows are each unique, come in every option imaginable, and can spice up any boring or dormant space. Why don't you have some? Get unique pillows from us or scour the local chain stores for ones that call your name. Either way life is not the same without real pillow love. Get some!