3 Steps to Using Patterns & Textures

Fabrics, bed linens, wallpapers, and stationary are all luxurious addictions I enjoy. What I love about all of these items the most are the patterns, textures, colors, and enormous variety they all offer. From bold stripes to geometric and chenille the options are almost endlesss. Even better, I love incorporating patterns into my designs. Whether a modern or classic space or somewhere in between, patterns always works. One of my favorite patterns right now is damask. Damask's vintage elegance is simply stated and comes in all of my favorite ways. Its classic look draws me in almost every time I see it, and these days that's often. I recently ordered a custom sofa with a scoop arm in a raised textured velvety damask pattern stated in a muted tone and I can hardly wait for its arrival (stay tuned for pics)! Classic pieces like this sofa can be an anchor piece for any new design. Accessorizing with solid textures and subtle patterns to compliment bold classics such as damask creates an interesting and unique space. If you already have an existing piece or solid anchor sofa, pull in pattern to add some pizzaz. Mixing patterns and textures is easy to do if you follow these 3 steps.

  1. Use various sizes and patterns. Using the same size patterns will cause a visual conflict.
  2. Choose complimentary colors and coordinating styles.  
  3. Add various textures and shapes to add a more finished and designer look.
 Here i used geometric patterns and complimentary colors in the throw, pillows, and draperies.

Here i used geometric patterns and complimentary colors in the throw, pillows, and draperies.

On one of my recent Airbnb projects I was able to integrate patterns through draperies, throws, and pillows with textures. The linens where assigned white by the owner but I pulled in velvet and a throw blanket to keep the vibe going. Here are some other fun pattern collections that I've been playing with that might inspire you (and the Damask hints I spoke of)...

Be daring get those patterns mixed in, the results are always good!