Getting Project Ready...5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Designing a new space can often be an overwhelming experience for my clients. One of the things I enjoy most is partnering with clients to express their style, likes, and hopes and delivering that in a realistic way. So often clients are unsure of what specifically their style is and even more they and their spouse aren't always on the same page. My job calls for elements of playing counselor, coach, and cheerleader in addition to designer as we lock arms to blend ideas, concepts, and hopes. I often ask them this key questions. What do you love? Sometimes they'll have idea boards or pinterest boards they want to share. Sometimes they know what stores or magazines they've liked to look at, or what their favorite colors are. I use lots of questioning, digging, and observation to determine what exactly will make each individual client happy. So as you think about your next space, consider these key questions to get the outcome you hope for:

A recent client kitchen remodel

  1. What's my budget?
  2. Should I pull in an expert
  3. What style am I after?
  4. What colors do I love?
  5. Do you have an inspiration picture?

Answering some of these key questions will help your designer navigate your project plan to give you the best result. Be honest and real when discussing what your hopes and dreams are for your new space and you'll be sure to get the outcome you're hoping for. Want expert help with your remodel or project? Find out more