Get Guest Ready this Christmas - TANYA HEMBREE DESIGN

Christmas is just days away. Where has December gone?! Okay, let's be real, this busy season has got many of us checking our lists and adding even more items to do. It feels like sometimes we can't keep up with the demands of the season. For those of you hosting family and friends this Christmas season, consider these simple must-dos to add a nice decorative touch to your home to prepare for your guests and to make your home feel refreshed and seasonal:

  1. Buy a new hand towel for your guest bathroom.
  2. Pickup your favorite scented holiday candle.
  3. Go green-to-table. Pull in fresh greenery from your yard for your table arrangements 
  4. Clear the clutter.
  5. Add a touch of music.
tanya hembree design_guests

You might say these are small things, will these really matter? You'd be surprised the impact the small details and the "experience" of these items make in creating an inviting space for your guests. Add these to your little list, and you'll be sure to impress the friends and family you'll be hosting. Design is in the details.